USS HNN 2015


  • Client: Universal Studio Singapore
  • Agency:
  • Producer:
  • Director: Shaun Yeo
  • DOP:


As prophesied since ancient times, the blood moon eclipses and all hell breaks loose on earth. Blood gushes forth from the moon and the spirits of the underworld come to torment the living, setting in motion a chain of evil. 


Crawlers of the under earth lure the curious. Messages from the dead haunting cloud the minds of the living as they try to run away from the blood invading their sanity. Fear-induced reactions cause mayhem as the living discover secrets from the offended dead a little too late to be spared their lives.


We go loco with live action in 3D animated environments as well as sordid settings like abandoned HDBs, late night MRT settings and sacred land of the dead. The concept of the blood moon and magic in the special effects make-up was done by the team from Universal Studios Singapore, with Reel Loco Productions conceptualizing and producing the shoot, campaign assets and characters. From concept to post production, we had fun working with the Universal Studios team our third year running, coming up with characters drawn from Asian context in modern Singapore.


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